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Business IT Services

It's a small town, and it's small business - but it's your small business. We provide solutions that work around you and the way you do business.
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Healthcare IT Services & Support


Preparing to migrate your practice's data to eClinicalWorks™? Have you already implemented and need support? Are you confused by all this stuff yet? We can help.

Systems Readiness Assessment

We'll schedule a time to perform an on-site assessment to ensure that your system is ready for eClinicalWorks™. If it's not, we'll take the necessary steps to get your computers and networks up to speed.

Kick-Off Call Preparedness

When it's time for your kick-off call, we'll be right there to answer any technical questions. We'll act as the liaison during the preparation phase and, for the duration of the project, we'll be your IT Contact.

EMR Implementation

When the time comes for the data migration, we'll be there to ensure that all goes according to plan. We'll also make sure that you have access to Misys™ Tiger™ (or other system) for as long as you need it.

Ongoing Support & Service

We work directly with Munson Information Services and have direct lines of communication with their support staff and eClinicalWorks™ specialists. We'll always be there to keep things rolling!

NextGen™ Healthcare

If your practice is considering migrating to NextGen™ Healthcare for your EMR system, Affinity is here to make it work for you - from project preparation to implementation. We also provide stellar support for practices already using NextGen™.


The newest version of the NextGen Dashboard is a clean, simple-to-use reporting interface that's quick to learn and can deliver powerful, attractive presentations for your practice to use.

NextMD Patient

The NextMD Patient Portal is designed to allow for improved communication and information exchange between the provider and the patient. Surveys, health questions, whatever you like - try the NextMD.


As you know, staying in the know regarding the satisfaction level of your patients is critical. Your old surveys, questionnaires, and intake forms can be converted to work directly with NextGen.

Ongoing Support & Service

Regional practices connect to the NextGen system directly through Munson Medical Center. We work directly in partnership with their Information Systems. We are here to help!

Paperless & Managed IT Solutions

Welcome, Cloud!

On the go often these days? Wanting to work from home a little more? A viable cloud-based solution may be just what your company needs. E-mail, calendars, contacts, documents, spreadsheets - synchronized securely with every computer and device you desire with no surprises.


Connect from anywhere.

Create, work, and share from the office, the cottage, the boat, or from wherever you're vacationing. Well, maybe not while you're on vacation.

Share the resources.

Send large files that won't go through e-mail and work with others who have permission to access your data. It's really never been simpler.

Mind your security.

We've got you covered with security, no matter what device you're using or where you're working from. It's all safe and secure for peace of mind.

Old dogs, no new tricks.

We all get comfortable with a system that works, and most of us aren't interested in changing things. We always keep that sentiment in mind.

Web Design Portfolio

Web Design Portfolio

With the phone book dead and buried and everyone on smart phones and tablets, an effective web site is of utmost importance.
We'll design, develop, and host your new or updated site - and integrate it with social media to maximize your presence.

Project spotlight: AEMichigan.com

JP Center for Plastic Surgery is a local leader in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. Take a moment to buzz over to Dr. Polley's site and let us know what you think.

Some of our finished projects


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Coming Spring 2015!


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Online & Search Engine Marketing

Get & stay connected.

Now that you have a web site, potential customers have a solid avenue to learn about what you have to offer. That doesn't, however, do much good unless they can find you. We can take your site and help make your presence known to the world. It's what we do.


Search engine optimization.

Major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing use billions of little digital spiders to crawl the web and find relevant search results. We help the spiders find you.

Social media integration.

Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social media outlets are absolutely huge (and absolutely necessary for ideal optimization). We help you manage these.

Aggressive campaigns.

Search engine submission, Google and Bing Analytics and Webmaster tools, XML sitemaps, Pay-Per-Click, and other tools are employed to maximize your presence.

Measureable results.

Nobody likes to spend money on advertising, but we all know it's necessary. Instead of hoping for the best, we help you understand the visible results you're getting.

So Where Do I Find You Guys?

Right here.

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